September 2015 Favourites

Ah September….Spring in Sydney….well kind of!  A mixture of hot, cold, rain, wind…..its all a little confusing.  But what isn’t are my monthly favourites which I am delivering to you on time!!  Let’s get straight into it!


I’ve been loving two perfumes this month.  For the cooler days, it has still been all about Jo Malone scents for me.  The one that got the most love throughout September was Peony and Blush Suede.  There is something floral yet still sophisticated about this scent but it’s not as heavy as my Chanel favourites – so a happy medium for the office.  The second fragrance of choice this month has been my Fresh Brown Sugar roller ball that I picked up in Sephora in Singapore earlier in the year.  It’s best for warmer days when you are feeling like you need a bit of a sweet pick me up to freshen up your day.  I love the convenience of the roller ball for my hand bag also.


In terms of makeup, I have returned to two old favourites and if I am being honest, two holy grail make up products for me.  The first is my Clinique Almost Powder Makeup Compact.  I love this foundation powder – I have one on my desk at work and one always travelling with me in my handbag.  It’s great for a full face dust over or just to pat down on humid days or to add extra weight to concealer to cover pesky spots!  My colour is 02 Neutral Fair.  My other love this month has been the Bobbi Brown Corrector in the shade Bisque.  Spring has sprung and so my allergies are also on red alert and things have been crazy at work so sleep hasn’t been optimal lately.  This little pot of salmon coloured wonder cream covers the dark circles and bags instantly – blending nicely over foundation and setting wonderfully under setting powder and touch ups from my compact.  What’s not too love about Clinique and Bobbi Brown really?


The one piece of skin care that I have really relied on this month has been another Clinique favourite product – the All About Eyes cream.  In the mornings and in the evenings this has been a life saver and has rescued the delicate skin under my eyes and provided a perfect base for primer and makeup.  I will always have  a little pot of this in my beauty bag.


Finally, I’ve returned to Essie Masterplan this month for my manicure.  I just really like how this grey can be dressed up or down and wears well over a base coat and under a top coat.  Love it.


In terms of other favourites – it would be remiss of me not to mention that finally normal TV transmission has resumed.  I’ve eagerly watched the return of a few of my favourite tv shows – including Downton Abbey (I can’t stand the thought of this ending for good!), Nashville, Scandal and Ladies of London.  It’s been just brilliant this week to watch the season premiers of all of my favourite shows!!

I also loved catching up with our friends for dinner at one of the best restaurants in Sydney – Cafe Sydney.  It was a lovely Saturday evening – watching the sunset on the harbour and then seeing the city and the waterfront light up.  Just brilliant.

I haven’t had it very long but my new car also has to make it on this list this month.  Mr PP and I have splashed out and got a lovely brand new black Subaru Forrester – it’s just amazing.


What tickled your fancy this month?!


August 2015 Favourites

Yay! It’s August Favourites time!  What have I loved slapping on my face, spraying on my body and generally indulging in this month? Only a few products really caught my attention this month – so here they are!


Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick – Sheer Rapture

I’ll be honest.  I purchased this when I was in the US months and months ago.  And I have had it in my beauty bag but I have been trying desperately to use up some other lip products before I cracked open a new one to add to the mix.  But then one Friday in August I caved in and opened it…..because it was Friday and I needed something to get me through ‘this semi-charmed kind of life’ if you know what I mean!  Anyhow, I didn’t expected to be blown away by the texture, the colour, the staying power or the amounts of comments I received because I slapped it on my lips.  But WOW…..I have to admit, it’s a different shade to the norm for me but as well as the colour I fell in love with how it felt on my lips and how long it lasted (despite the 3 cups of coffee!).  So….I’m still working on finishing up those other products because this has been my go to lipstick ever since I opened it!  It’s my first try of the Urban Decay Lipsticks but of course – won’t be my last!


Living Proof Hair

Small sample sizes purchased again when I was overseas earlier in the year.  And of course, I love these and want to invest in the full size option (oh Sephora how you tempt us with the samples and then we are hooked!).  Love the smell, love the way it tames my thick coarse locks and didn’t fade my newly coloured blonde (yes – I returned to the old faithful foils) hair.  No wonder Jennifer Anniston is happy to put her name to it!


Essie Waltz Nail Polish

It looks mod white 1960s in the bottle but actually the finish is a lovely light pearl manicure finish.  Really enjoyed wearing this on my short square filed nails this month.  My Essie Nail Polish collection continues to grow – especially now that it’s so accessible at Priceline.


What did you love in August?




July 2015 Favourites

It’s July Favourites – where is the year going?  Not the most original start to a blog post but it is truly how I feel this month.  The year has flown and as always it’s a busy run home to Christmas and I feel exhausted already.

What have I been loving this month?  It’s not a long list as given how busy I have been this month – I have kept to a very safe and regular routine.  I  am also on a no beauty and bath buy (apart from essentials) – so it’s been a few weeks of using up some products and also rediscovering some items that have been at the bottom of my beauty bag.


YSL Volutpe Sheer Candy – 05

This is a re-discover.  My chapped lips have been unhappy given the winter chills and so I find that this lipstick is my friend.  It gives a lovely pop of colour and doesn’t highlight the fact that my lips are not as smooth as they should be.  This product has never had exceptional staying power on me – but I don’t mind applying it a few times a day.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I hadn’t tried this cult beauty classic before but now I think I am definitely a convert.  I had used up one of my other favourite eye make up bases – Laura Mercier Eye Base in Wheat and I thought I would give this a try.  This definitely helps my eyeshadow to stay on longer and helps it not to crease.  I will definitely be purchasing this in the full size when this runs out.


RPR Shampoo & Conditioner

I’ve had these in my cupboard for a while to try so I thought it was time to give them a go – especially now that my darker blonde colour has faded and I am trying to make do before I have my hair cut and coloured next weekend. It’s been a great ‘alternative’ wash option – do you know what I mean?  I am one of those gals who has two or three sets of haircare on the go and I just find that my hair responds to mixing up the options!  It’s soft and gentle and my hair feels very nourished and there is no more knots than usual when it comes to styling.  I would buy this product again and I would like to try some other options from this line.


Flower Eye Shadow Brush

I picked this up in Walmart in the US earlier this year.  And yes, while I am a loyal user of the Real Techniques brushes, I have been enjoying this one to pack on some eyeshadows.  It holds the product wells and helps in equal distribution across the eye.


Clinique High Impact Mascara – Brightening Black

A little sample size I received with a gift with purchase and this is always a good performer.  It sits nicely on the eyes and gives nice professional coverage and I don’t have to work to hard or think to hard when applying.  My usual preference is for brown mascara – especially for work but this brightening black shade does rather nicely and has worn well with my winter makeup for the office.


Stella Rollerball

Just because it’s been in my handbag this month – it’s just continued to be my fragrance of choice.  I love this fragrance and will always have a rollerball or spray in my collection.  I do need to put some of my other favourites back into rotation (I’m looking at you Chanel and Jo Malone – and given it’s the last few weeks of winter Burberry needs to have a turn as well!)



What did you love in July?


Hard Candy Bronzer

I may have made Mr PP drive to three different Walmart stores in Las Vegas to find this product…….but it was worth it.  I came home with three (yes three) pots to replace my original product which I had dropped on the bathroom floor and smashed to pieces six months ago!



It’s a beautiful highlighter/bronzer combination – a light application makes for a wonderful summer glow and a built up application gives enough warmth to winter skin.

Have you tried anything from the Hard Candy line?  What’s your favourite?


It’s All About the Conceal…..

It’s Winter.  I’m tired, stressed and I am slowly recovering from a terrible bout of flu which knocked me out for days.  Make up is always my best friend, but in recent weeks I’ve needed some extra help and some of my beauty bag products have not let me down.



Australis 4-1 Conceal Correct

I’ve raved about this great little Aussie drug store product before.  It’s so good I have two back ups in my cupboard.  The green shade is used regularly to cover any angry spots, the purple goes on after my primer under my eyes to prep for the concealer and the two shades of concealer are great options for everyday.  The packaging is also compact and includes a great little mirror.  What’s not to love.  Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Hourglass Hidden Corrector Concealer

I remember LisaLisaD1 talking about this concealer a long time ago so I picked it up a few years ago when I was in the USA.  My skin has been unhappy because of my recent illness so this concealer is great for covering up spots.  It’s hard core – it covers and then doesn’t budge.  I apply it with a brush – not directly onto the skin.  This way, I don’t risk spreading any acne.

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Under eye dark circles be gone!  And they are.  This really is the cult make up product that it claims to be and will always have a home in my beauty bag.  I abandoned it for a few months while I was using some other products, but it’s always something I return to and always gives me the best results.

Josie Maran Argan Concealer Crayon

I use this for under my eyes and if I am being completely honest, it probably lends it self more to the category of concealer highlighter (like the YSL Touche Eclat) rather than a hard core concealer.  Regardless, its beautiful and creamy and has made me happy which has been very much needed after being sick.


So these have been my concealer weapons of choice!  What are your beauty bag go to concealers when you are feeling tired and sick?



June 2015 Favourites

So May was a blur and before I realised it I was halfway through June, so I just started collecting things for this month’s favourite’s post. And here we are….and guess what I am early!!!!!


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

I’ll be honest.  I’ve always been more of a bronzer girl than a blush girl.  It comes from having super sensitive skin that always has a tinge of red to it anyway so I always thought that I never needed any additional help in that department.  How wrong I was.  This Hourglass palette has really converted me.  At first, I thought that all I would use would be the Mood Expose shade.  And to be honest, it’s still my favourite.  But I have surprised myself by venturing out of my comfort zone and on certain days depending on my mood and my outfit, I have used and enjoyed the other two shades!  I think it is because the powder formulas are so easy to use and blend so well.


Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Candle

I have vowed to never tell my Mother that I paid $85 for a candle that I purchase from the Jo Malone Counter at David Jones.  I mean, when you stop and think about it you really do have to be a little crazy.  But, this fragrance is so very worth it.  I love the perfume and I love the freshness of this candle.  When I want to spoil myself after a busy day at work or on a lazy weekend afternoon/evening, I burn it for a little while and just sit back and relax and dream of a sunny beach far away.  Pure bliss. I love this range from Jo Malone. Makes a lovely gift for that special best friend or family member.


Alterna Hair Care Cavair Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

It’s all Fleur De Force’s fault.  Fleur has talked many times about the Cavair hair range and her purchases from Sephora so I couldn’t help but purchase a travel set and of course, I love it too.  It doesn’t wait down your hair and has a nice fragrance and leaves my hair feeling hydrated.  This is going to be an expensive habit – but I am on a hair care no buy at the moment as my cupboard and bathroom is full of products that I need to use up first.


Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

I’ve never been a primer supporter – apart from the Clairns Instant Smooth that I use daily under my eyes before I apply by makeup.  But this small tube arrived as a gift with purchase when I received my online David Jones order which included my all time favourite Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation.  I love this.  I apply this on my nose, chin and forehead only and it really does help my foundation to sit nicely on the skin and doesn’t permit dry patches to come through.  I love it!



Benefit They’re Real Lengthening Mascara

Wow – I don’t think I have ever received so many complements about my eyelashes!  Every time I wore this mascara someone gave me a complement about them.  I really do love the effect, but I have to say – only for special occasions.  I really feel that it’s too much for my every day look to the office.  But for the day to night office event days and special dinner and weekend events, I will be happy to bring it out.



L’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Shower Creme

This little gem was part of a L’Occitane Christmas gift pack that I received from one of my work colleagues.  I had not tried this before but as you know, I am a fan of the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil.  This shower creme doesn’t disappoint either.  A great product for winter – you have a wonderful in shower experience and step out feeling totally hydrated and moisturised.  Not too heavily fragranced this is great to have in your shower when you are ready to relax and be pampered before bed.


De Lorenzo Vapour Mist Hair Spray

I’ll say it again.  I don’t think this brand gets talked about enough by bloggers and You Tubers.  I love this hair spray – everything from the lovely scent to the fact that it has enough hold to get you through a windy winter’s day but enough flexibility to move with you for an 8 hour work day.  I can only seem to find it in the large can – a smaller can would be fantastic for travel and for my office draw, but I’ll always have this in my bathroom!


Chanel Coco Noir Perfume

It’s winter so I have returned yet again to my favourite Chanel perfume.  I love this divine smell – it makes me feel sophisticated and dressed for work and special occasions.  I always get compliments when I wear it.  I have my eye on a beautiful Megan Hess Limited Edition print of this perfume as well……


Mad Men

Devestated that this ended.  I was slightly ok though because Mr PP and I went to see Matthew Weiner at the Sydney Vivid Festival and he talked about the finale and the series. It was great to hear him first hand in conversation about the show, especially given the fact that the finale had only aired so recently.  If you haven’t watched Mad Men, you should definitely buy the box set and commence the binge!



Ok – I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but as they say….better late than never!  I haven’t read the books, but this was recommended to me by my Massage Therapist so when I was in bed for 3 days straight with the flu, I thought I would give it a try.  And I was not disappointed.  I binge watched the first 4 episodes – even though some of this was done with my hands covering my eyes because despite being a grown woman, I really can’t handle violence very well at all!  I can’t wait to finish it and am looking forward to the release of the Second Series.


What did you love in June?


Kate Spade Haul – Las Vegas April 2015

I was very excited to get to the shopping outlet malls in Las Vegas.  It was the end of our trip so I had been saving up and waiting patiently to have a good look around.  I was really focused on Kate Spade and I wasn’t disappointed.

I picked up some Tech Accessories – this gorgeous red iPad cover and this chic pearl design iPhone 6 case.


I then picked up this cute makeup bag that was inspired by a recent video about Las Vegas on It’s Em Channel.



I also purchased this cute pouch for either makeup/skincare for my handbag or alternatively for tech accessories like chargers and earphones.



I also couldn’t resist the small card wallet and keyring.


I then was so happy to find this gorgeous handbag bag (the ‘Gabriella”) – I loved the deep mulberry colour immediately and I wanted a smaller bag that I could use for when I just went shopping or out for dinner.  Even Mr PP said it was different and something I should get!



I enjoyed having a look in Michael Kors, Coach and Burberry as well at the Outlet Mall but I didn’t purchase anything.

Have you purchased any Kate Spade recently?