Where have I been?

Hello!  Remember me? Sorry about being absent – but things have been extremely busy since I got back from Singapore.


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you will have also realised that I have recently been travelling overseas again – this time to Canada and the US.  I’ve got some blog posts planned in the coming days to share with you my travel experiences and shopping hauls.



Singapore February 2015

It was the standard quick business trip to Singapore but with an added long weekend with Mr PP thrown in.  We had a lovely relaxing time.  We arrived late on the Friday night and thankfully fell into bed at our luxury secluded hotel.  Saturday morning was a day of adventure – straight to Marina Bay Sands for a look around the Casino and the hotel/shops, followed by a delightful couple of hours exploring Gardens by the Bay.






Then it was off to Raffles Hotel for the traditional Singapore Sling – which was very refreshing given the heat and humidity.  China Town was in preparation to welcome the Chinese New Year and the markets were crowded.  Orchard Road was just its usual beautiful self later into the evening.



The hotel was a little out of the way, but a very relaxing oasis to enjoy some quiet time.


Two highlights of the trip was definitely the Singapore Turf Club and the Singapore Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans Experience.  We were very well looked after in the Owners Lounge thanks to our reciprocal ATC membership.  I even backed a winner!  The Orangutans were so beautiful and it was a real treat to get so close and have some photos taken.  I could have stayed and watched them for hours!!


All good things come to an end and the work side of things wasn’t too bad.  I met some nice people and got the business done.  Then it was back to Sydney on a full QANTAS flight and then back to the office.

I would recommend Singapore to anyone who wanted a relaxing long weekend!


Baby Body Washes

OK – it’s no secret that I have very sensitive skin – so I am always looking for calming options for my shower.


Simple Baby All-In-One Wash

So I was very happy to stumble across this baby body wash in my local drugstore and was eager to try it for myself!  As you know, I am a big supporter of the Simple brand in general so I was sure that I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

As expected, it’s a lovely refreshing but not drying body wash that is excellent for my sensitive skin.  It lathers up nicely on the loofah and leaves a fresh clean scent on the skin.  Obviously, its extremely gentle and doesn’t cause any skin inflammation or reaction. The bottle advises it contains “camomile and lavender oil”. A definite repurchase for me.


Eco Store Baby Body Wash

Given the success of using a baby shower wash, I thought that I would also try the Eco Store version.  It claims that it contains “No Nasty Chemicals” and so I was also interested to see if I would also like this wash.  It does have a stronger fragrance than the Simple wash, but it’s still a nice refreshing option for the shower and doesn’t cause me any skin irritations.


Do you use gentle baby products to calm your skin?



Sothys Skincare & Facial

OK.  Here is the deal.  My skin has been very unhappy for a couple of months.  Tired, stressed, acne prone, dry, red and sore.  I’ve been very unhappy about it and extremely self-conscious.  Clearly my current skincare routine is not helping the situation.

When I went to see my Beautician for an eyebrow wax she commented on the state of my skin.  Having been a loyal client for over 10 years, she was trying to help me and gifted to me a full size Sothys Comfort Milk to help with the irritation.  She also recommended a SOS Facial using Sothys products.

When I returned to the Salon for my facial, my Beautician assured me that she would do nothing radical to my skin – rather focusing on soothing and nourishing my skin.  It was an hour and half of bliss – seriously.  My face was soothed and massaged and felt amazing – all of the Sothys products were fragrance free and designed specifically for sensitive skin.  My skin was double cleansed and two masks were applied as well as serum and cream – it was divine.   After the facial, my Beautician recommended that I cease using my ‘fruit salad’ skin care regime for a while and try to get my skin back on track.  So I purchased the Sothys Sensitive skincare range and promised to use it twice daily before my next scheduled facial in 5 weeks.


Sothys Micellar Cleansing Water

In the same family as Bioderma, this is a nice fragrance free refreshing micellar cleansing water.  I’ll be honest – it takes a few attempts to remove all traces of waterproof mascara, but on the whole it does the job and gets your face ready for the rest of the skin care regime.

Sothys Comfort Cleansing Milk

A calming lotion cleanser that gently removes final traces of make up and the first layer of the dust, dirt and grime of 21st century living.  Again, it has a very calming effect on the skin and doesn’t feel like it is stripping my skin bare.

Sothys Comfort Lotion

This is a very gentle toner for the skin – which leaves it feeling cool and calmed.  I use it directly after the cleanser and pat it into my skin.

Sothys Soothing SOS Serum

This product is divine and my dry skin has been lapping it up and it feels very nourished after I use it. I let this sink in for a few minutes before applying the moisturiser.

Sothys Soothing Melting Fluid

My Beautician advised that I use the Melting Fluid as my moisturiser rather than the thicker cream option – given the state of my skin, and also given the heat and humidity of the Sydney Summer.  This is just beautiful to put on my face after the Serum and it absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

Sothys Nutri-Soothing Mask

I use this once a week as a special treat to my skin – and it’s just as lovely as it was when my Beautician used this during my facial.  I use a clean foundation brush (that has never been used for Foundation) to paint this on and then I just relax.


Sothys Desquacrem forte – Deep cleanser with gypsophila extract and salicylic acid

I haven’t used this product yet as my Beautician suggested that I wait a few months before I introduce this into my routine.  It is only supposed to be used once a week or so and shouldn’t be used when the skin is highly sensitised.  The box says ” A unique deep cleansing concept.  Spread a small amount on moist skin avoiding the eye contour area.  Emulsify with circular movements.  Leave on the skin to activate for 1-3 minutes then with wetted fingertips re-emulsify with lukewarm water, rinsing until product is thoroughly eliminated from the skin.”


Sothys Gommage Exfoliant – Biological Skin Peeling

I haven’t used this product yet because I am using the basic products for the first few weeks to get my skin back to it’s natural state and given this is a little more proactive in terms of product, my Beautician suggested that I wait a month or so before adding this into my regime.  The box says “Grain-free exfoliating cream with softening jasmine extract.  The complexion is clear and the skin is smooth and supple”

Sothys Sun Shield – Gel for face and body

I haven’t used this product either – I know that this probably horrifying to you all but SPF in general doesn’t agree with me, and so unless I am spending hours in the sun I don’t use it (SHOCK.HORROR).  But I will definitely be using this product when I need to – but given I am heading back to work on Monday I don’t think there will be much need for it apart from the weekends.


So that is my review of the Sothys products and I have to say I am very thankful to have found a product range and regime that has helped to calm and hydrate my sensitive skin in the last few weeks and that I hope will continue to work.

Have you ever tried Sothys products?  Have you ever purchased a line of products following an amazing facial and really enjoyed them?



Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Perfume

I love Jo Malone at Christmas.  Especially when there is a gorgeous wrapped Jo Malone present under the tree for me!!


My Mum and Dad gifted me the beautiful Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume.  Like everyone else who has blogged about this product, it’s a surprise to find that you actually do like this fragrance and it’s rather hard to describe!


Part of the ‘Woody’ fragrance family, the scent is fresh yet not over-powering and lingers nicely for a number of hours.  It’s an all year round fragrance – which is always a nice to have in your collection.  I’ve read in a few magazines that this fragrance is being grouped in the ‘Minimalist’ scent group – and I think that is a good category for it – because it’s an everyday perfume and then you can vamp it up more for special occasions by layering it – some ladies are recommending Peony and Blush Suede.

I really love getting something from Jo Malone for Christmas.  I’ve also got the Wood Sage and Sea Salt candle on my wish list for my birthday this month!

Have you tried this fragrance from Jo Malone?  What perfume are you wearing today?



Essie Nail Polish Collection January 2015

Essie Nail Polishes were difficult to get in Australia for a long time.  Only some salons and David Jones Sydney City store had the collection but now, thanks to Priceline, the brand is very accessible!


I kicked off my collection with Ballet Slippers – after reading that the Duchess of Cambridge chose this shade for the royal wedding.  It’s a gorgeous pale pink – a must have colour for every nail polish collection.  I do find that the consistency can be a little runny so it does pay to prep properly – base coat, two coats and a top coat is a must.


The next shade was Master Plan which came quickly off the back of my Nails Inc Porchester Square purchase.  Do you ever do that – love a shade so much that you seem drawn to the same shades/tones in other brands/collections?  Anyhow, Master Plan is very similar to the much hyped and much loved Porchester Square, but I don’t care.  I love wearing this shade to work as a nice alternative to Ballet Slippers or my Dior Incognito shade.


After being enabled by Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup (thanks Anna!) I went on the hunt for Bahama Mama but I couldn’t find it at my local price line so instead my third Essie purchase was Exotic Liras.  A pink/red/maroon that works for summer as well as the change of seasons, I was surprised at how much I liked it on my nails and how much I enjoyed wearing it!


Finally, I was able to locate Bahama Mama and yes, I too am a fan.  It’s everything everyone says it is – and is very easy to wear for a darker polish.  Love the final effect and it’s great for all seasons.



I also picked up Madison Ave-hue from the latest collection – a fun pink colour with just the smallest hint of sparkle.  Again – another great summer/party colour for the holidays.




Do you love Essie nail polishes?  What is your favourite?  Any recommendations welcome!



Hair Masks: High End v Budget

Happy New Year!

It’s summer in Sydney and that means hot and humid weather.  Which means…….unhappy hair!  In my ongoing quest to attend to my long thick dry coloured hair, I have been trying two hair masks for the last few weeks – one high end and one budget.  Here are my thoughts on both


Kerastase Nutritiv Masque is designed specifically for dry and sensitised hair.  It has an interesting smell – I can’t quite put my finger on it, but once you get passed it, the product does exactly what it says it will do.  After 10 minutes and a rinse, it leaves my hair feeling nourished, less tangled and ready to go for the week ahead.  I still need to follow up with a spray of detangler and an oil but overall my hair is left feeling revitalised after the treatment.  Would I repurchase?  Maybe – the reason being, I had a lovely in salon hair treatment before Christmas which used the new Kerastase products from the new Discipline range and I can’t wait to use up the rest of my hair products so I purchase these for my bathroom!


Ogx Hydrating Macadamia Oil intensive Moisture Mask is an excellent budget alternative hair mask.  It does the job because of the macadamia base and has a lovely fresh fragrance.  It leaves my hair feeling hydrated but like the Kerastase Nutritiv, I still need to spritz detangler and an oil through my hair before I blow dry.  Ogx is an impressive range from the drugstore however and is a good alternative to take on holidays or a weekend away.  Would I repurchase?  Yes, if I didn’t have easy access to a salon to purchase a Kerastase or Redken option.

Do you have a hair mask product that you absolutely love?  Do you find there is a big difference between salon and drug store options?

Here’s to fabulous hair in 2015 ladies!!!